The Practice

Originated from Ancient Chinese Culture

Ancient Chinese sages used to gather Shen inside to nurture and sharpen it. When perceiving inwardly, they were able to cognize very subtle existences.

Inner perception methodology was originally applied to explore the rules of life for the purpose of maintaining good health and achieving longevity.

The book aims at presenting the historical roots and specific techniques of inner perceptions in modern language. Inner perceptions are especially significant in the modern day since they can disclose the part of knowledge that outward-oriented modern research methodology has missed.

Perceiving with the Shen

When the mind starts to perceive it own sef instead of speculating on the outside world, the world becomes self-aware. And when the mind withdraws into itself, the subject and the object of perceptions are unified.

Perceiving the heart is a new approach to studying human psychology. An inner perceptual psychologist is able to perceive the marks and traces left in a person’s Shen at certain stages of life in the past that caused health problems later on. That’s because the mind, thoughts and emotions are all matter. 

Perceive your inner self based on traditional chinese medicine knowledge

Ill information gives rise to a variety of mental disorders and even physical diseases. One of the functions of inner perceptions is pinpointing and erasing it from the inside. It is significant not only for patients but for psychologists as well. Many psychologists suffer from mental disturbance after working for years. Their sicknesses are not "infected" by patients but caused by over consumption of mental energy. Pinpointing and erasing ill information from the inside can reduce the consumption of psychologists' mental energy and helps solve the occupational hazard in the psychology profession - the psychological crisis of the psychologists.

The methods of the Psychology of Inner Perceptions are effective, easy to learn, and safe to use. As above mentioned, it is significant not only for patients but for psychologists as well. Thus it can not only serve the public, but will also play a significant role in the advancement of psychology with regard to its research and practical application.

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The Psychology of Inner Perceptions

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